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“Our patients love our care because we provide exceptional results, great value, and a warm, healing environment. This is our commitment to you!”

- Dr. Kerry Johnson - Founder

Find the relief you deserve with NUCCA chiropractic care.

  • Relief

    We understand how frustrating pain is and how it can interfere with your life. 30 years ago, our clinic introduced to Minnesota a little known chiropractic procedure called NUCCA. Over that time, we have built up a reputation for helping rid people of their pain and providing lasting results.

  • Repair

    Healing takes time, but your body knows exactly what to do once the underlying problem is addressed. We are highly skilled at finding your problem, correcting it, and monitoring your recovery with as few visits as possible.

  • Restore

    Join the thousands from around the Midwest who are living without pain and enjoying their lives! No matter who you are, or where you come from, you deserve to live the most fulfilling and pain free life possible!

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Our Process is Simple

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    We listen and determine if we can help
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    We show you the problem and painlessly correct it
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    We demonstrate your results and monitor your recovery

Experience relief and feel your best with NUCCA chiropractic services.

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Our Worry Free Promise

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    Your First Visit
    Your first visit is a conversation, not a commitment
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    Your Problem
    We'll decide together if our care is the best option for you
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    Your Neck
    You will be in our expert, caring hands, without the twist, snap, or pull
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    Your Care
    We will provide you only our best care and only what you need
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    Your Results
    Your results are truly our number one priority!

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How NUCCA Chiropractic Care Can Change Your Life

Find the relief you deserve with NUCCA chiropractic care.