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NUCCA Meaning: What is NUCCA Chiropractic Care?

Do you suffer from any form of neck, shoulder, or back pain, and have tried different pain-relieving techniques with no success? You’re not alone since it’s estimated that 80% of the country’s population experience back pain and related health problems.

When looking for pain-reducing adjusting techniques, you may have come across NUCCA chiropractic care. To understand what this technique entails, it’s important to note that each part of your body is connected in some way. An imbalance in one part can lead to an imbalance in another.

Similarly, you may experience pain throughout the body when you have issues in your upper neck near the brainstem. It’s why NUCCA helps correct a misaligned upper cervical spine. This guide will demystify NUCCA chiropractic care as a technique that can help you find pain relief.

NUCCA Meaning: What Is NUCCA Chiropractic Care?

Abbreviated as NUCCA, the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association traces its roots back to 1966. It was established to help in treatments for the upper cervical spine. The safety and benefits of NUCCA chiropractic care have extensively been researched and published in a number of peer-reviewed medical journals.

One thing that makes this upper cervical chiropractic care unique is that it frees the nervous system from imbalances. It uses precision-oriented and non-invasive approaches to induce healing. You can count on it to heal your body and alleviate pain since your nervous system controls all bodily functions.

NUCCA focuses on the misalignment of the bone structure connecting the neck and head. This misalignment known as the Atlas Subluxation Complex, blocks signals from your brain to the body. As a result, you may experience pain, tension, stress, or even emotional and physical dysfunction when misaligned.

How NUCCA Differs from Traditional Chiropractic Care

All chiropractic techniques are designed to induce healing by using gentle force. They also attempt to restore joint mobility and function.

While you may consider traditional chiropractic care for certain conditions, it may not be enough. The treatments may fail to rebalance the position of the neck and head.

NUCCA chiropractic care can help return the head and neck to their correct position through its precise and accurate adjusting. The technique treats imbalances in the entire body, reduces stress, and improves health conditions.

Is NUCCA Legitimate and Safe?

NUCCA adjustments can support self-healing and restore appropriate communications in the body. They provide a reduction in postural distortion immediately following each adjustment.

The technique acknowledges that it’s difficult to correct an upper neck misalignment. But, when patients receive the right structural correction, their posture will be restored.

NUCCA chiropractors take measurements of your spine and use 3D imaging for each individual. They have to be accurate and precise in the tests to make the adjustment. Furthermore, each adjustment is personalized and calculated to your unique spinal misalignment. As an underwhelming treatment, NUCCA chiropractic care is not painful. Your chiropractor will apply a short, subtle pressure for 3 to 5 seconds at a time to adjust your neck and spine. You will only feel a light pressure when their hand meets your neck.

Can Children Undergo the Procedure?

NUCCA is safe for children with a misaligned spine at any age. In fact, children respond faster to the treatment than adults. This is because their misalignment is usually less complex. The procedure can correct the following spinal misalignment signs in children:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Irritable mood
  • Bedwetting
  • Trouble sleeping or eating
  • Growing pains
  • Frequent ear infections
  • Abnormal digestion

How to Know if You Need a NUCCA Adjustment

Ask a trained NUCCA chiropractor to assess your spine to know whether you need a chiropractic adjustment. You should consider this chiropractic treatment if you notice any differences in your posture or gait. Neck pain, headaches, and stress are other signs that can help you identify the need for this treatment.

You shouldn’t wait until your condition worsens before seeking help. If you are at risk of experiencing neck and back pain, see a chiropractor as soon as the signs appear. Also, ensure that you maintain a good posture when doing strenuous activities to reduce the risk.

Your spine can also be misaligned if you deal with a lot of tension or stress. Poor posture, falls, or trauma can also lead to misalignment and more serious health care could be required down the road if not taken care of.

Your experiences after a NUCCA adjustment may be different from other people. Some may not notice much change after only one visit. Others feel great relief.  Most often, patients feel a gradual change in symptoms, such as reduced stress and pain relief. It’s also common to experience some discomfort a few days after the adjustment. The discomfort will indicate that your body is adapting to its new posture.

Basic Steps to NUCCA Chiropractic Care

You will undergo three basic steps when seeking NUCCA care. These procedures include analysis, treatment, and reevaluation as discussed below.

Step 1: Analysis

During this stage, your chiropractor will identify the need for realigning your spine to the vertical axis. They will also single out the primary area of your spine that is causing your symptoms or problems.

The analysis begins with an examination, where the doctor will take measurements of your body balance. The measurements will help them decide whether you have imbalances that need to be corrected. They act as a baseline for your physical state and future follow-up visits.

If the exam reveals that the pain stems from a spinal misalignment, treatment will begin. The chiropractor will carry out a series of 3D-images and analyze them. These images use low-radiation methods to reduce exposure.

If your condition is unrelated to the Atlas Subluxation Complex, an appropriate referral will be made.

Step 2: Treatment

During treatment, the NUCCA chiropractor will position you on a table, with your head placed gently on the head rest. The information obtained from the images will dictate your head’s angle and position.

Your doctor will then gently adjust the spinal bones of your neck into place by hand.  Because the adjustment is based off of the precise images taken of your head and neck, it is completely accurate in removing the misalignment of your spine. The adjustment is made without any popping, twisting or cracking.

The NUCCA chiropractor will observe the body’s response immediately after the adjustment. If the problem fails to clear out, they may continue adjusting your neck until it returns to normal.

The NUCCA treatment will use little force to overcome the resistance in the misaligned joint. The doctor won’t make any incisions or ask you to take any drugs. They will also clear you to go home a few minutes after the procedure.

Step 3: Reevaluation

It’s important to get the best possible correction on the first chiropractic treatment.  After your first adjustment, your doctor will re-image you to see the results and make any changes necessary for future care. All in all, the better adjustment on your spine, the better the chances of recovery.

Expect the doctor to monitor your case closely in each follow-up visit. This is because each healing response and spinal correction is unique to the body. Even further, the visits ensure that your spine returns to the normal position for as long as possible.

Cost of NUCCA Adjustments

NUCCA is a cost-effective form of chiropractic care that you can seek when suffering from back pains. The procedure helps relieve your pain and correct any misalignments in your spine. In turn, it reduces your need for frequent chiropractic visits.

When choosing a chiropractor, learn about the initial visit costs since they vary with the specialty. Start-up protocols for NUCCA chiropractors typically include the initial consultation, gait & postural analysis, and preliminary exams & imaging.

Expect to incur some costs during your initial visits to a NUCCA chiropractic clinic. The cost will depend on what the doctor will do to remedy your condition. The initial visits focus on determining the problem areas and how to bring correction to your unique misalignment to ensure that your body begins transformational healing.

The duration of the treatment and complexity of the injury will also define the costs.

How Long Does This Form of Chiropractic Care Take?

You will need follow-up visits to a NUCCA chiropractic clinic for sufficient recovery. The intensity of your injury will determine the number of visits needed. Frequency of visits will also be identified by the chiropractic provider based on your body’s needs and response to the treatment.

NUCCA Near Me: Schedule a Free Consultation for NUCCA Chiropractic (Minnesota)

NUCCA has a profound impact on healing since it helps treat imbalances in the body. The procedure acknowledges that pain is directly linked to the central nervous system. Since it brings correction to misalignments in the spine, it allows the brain to communicate well with other body parts.

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