Shoulder Weakness And Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Why Is the Shoulder Weak?Middle Aged Man Having Shoulder Ache

When you say that your shoulder is weak, what do you mean? Do you mean that your shoulder and arm is numb? Do you feel tingling in your shoulder and arm? Do you have a loss of strength? Do you have pain in your shoulder that is causing this weakness?
Depending on the answer to those questions may help you in determining what is wrong with your shoulder. Shoulder weakness can be caused by many things, including problems with the shoulder itself, such as rotator cuff injuries, labral injuries shoulder dislocations and separations. You can also have shoulder weakness because of injury to nerves.
For instance, when you have problems in your neck that are leading to nerve irritation this can severely influence your shoulder and arm. Nerves leave the lower portion of your neck and go down your arm all the way to your hand. So frequently and a shoulder, arm or hand problem originates in the neck.

Neck Specialists

If you are seeking to find someone who is an expert at evaluating neck and shoulder injuries, then an upper cervical chiropractor may be your answer.
An upper cervical chiropractor specializes in evaluating head, neck and spinal alignment, that may be leading to nerve pressure and resulting symptoms.
The 1st step when you come to an upper cervical chiropractic office is to take a thorough history and then evaluate you for postural imbalances and nerve dysfunction that may be leading to shoulder weakness and other health problems.
If you are found to have postural misalignments the Dr will take specific x-rays to evaluate the alignment of the spine. He or she will then be able to mathematically calculate how best to realign your spinal column and improve nerve function.
Upper cervical chiropractors are able to accomplish this without your popping, cracking or twisting of the spine associated with general chiropractic and other manipulative treatment because of the precision with which they work.
There are many individuals that feel relief from pain and improved nerve function almost as soon as they are placed back into normal alignment. For others this relief may take longer. Once proper alignment has been reached the upper cervical chiropractor can show the individual some things that they can do to help stay in alignment.

How Is Your Shoulder Problem Affecting Your Life?

When shoulder weakness or pain is involved even walking can be painful. Also when a shoulder is in pain simple things like eating and drinking can become miserable. In addition to these things when there is a shoulder problem every movement we make can cause the pain to increase and the injury to become worse.
Shoulder weakness and pain may also start to interfere with sleeping habits. Every movement while sleeping can be painful and cause trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Not being properly rested through the day will cause problems of its own. Shoulder problems are really something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.
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