The Root Cause of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Injury, Shoulder Pain, Shoulder, Shoulder Pain Relief, Sports Injury, Car AccidentShoulder pain is no fun to deal with. A person does not often give his shoulders much thought until they begin to hurt. Then he may wish he had taken better care of them. What can be done when shoulder pain starts to happen?

Generally, the first stop a person makes is to see his or her primary care doctor. This can reveal whether or not damage has been done to the muscles, tendons, or other areas of the shoulder. The doctor will possibly recommend further testing, prescription medication to help cope with the pain, and, possibly, a trip to a specialist. In turn, the specialist may do more tests and prescribe more medication. While this may help alleviate some of the pain, if the underlying cause is not addressed, the shoulder pain will return as soon as the medication wears off. Or, it may continue to get worse.

Reasons for Shoulder Pain

Often, shoulder pain can be due to having improper posture. A misalignment in the upper spine, specifically the top two vertebrae in the neck, causes the head to tilt just slightly. This can cause the body to compensate making one shoulder just a little higher than the other. This leads to overusing the muscles that are not normally used or abnormal muscle use ending in shoulder pain. What can be done?

Shoulder Pain Lessened by Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Upper cervical chiropractors undergo specific training that helps to detect exactly where a person’s neck misalignment is. Then, using a special method that does not include forcing or popping the spine, I am able to readjust this bone with a gentle touch and scientific measurements. This results in properly realigning the head over the body. The body then begins to heal itself by repairing the damage done to muscles and tissues and, once again, having correct posture. Many patients have reported feeling much less pain and feeling better health overall after only a few adjustments.

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