Post-concussion Syndrome in Children: Natural relief found in Apple Valley, Minnesota

post-concussion in childrenGrowing Concern over Post-concussion Syndrome in Children

Many doctors and coaches are beginning to realize that concussions can be much more traumatic than originally believed.  And research has shown us that young athletes who have suffered multiple concussions need significantly longer recovery times.
Lingering symptoms following a concussion are frequently caused by changes in blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow to and from the brain. These changes in fluid flow are not a result of the concussion itself, but actually from the associated head and neck trauma that generally occurs when a concussion takes place.
When a young athlete experiences a concussion their head and neck is severely traumatized causing misalignments in the upper neck bones. These upper neck misalignments have been shown to lead to a variety of problems.

Long-Standing Problems from Concussion

Here is a recent example from some very excited parents who’s son is receiving NUCCA care in our clinic:
“Our 16 year old son, Jake, has been a patient of Dr. Parpala for only about a month now, but for the first time in a very long time our family is filled with hope that Jake will have a healthy future.
Jake came into this world through a traumatic premature birth.  And even though Jake was not the most athletic, he amazed us with his determination to play sports.  At the age of six he played baseball, basketball and football.  Jake’s determination, commitment, smarts and size kept him in the games.
Then, like most kids, Jake experienced some injuries; a concussion from ice skating at age of 10, a whiplash injury from football at age 12, and two additional concussions at age 15 (one from football and one from basketball).  Since the age of 12, Jake has been dealing with nausea, migraines, dizziness, back stiffness, and more recently fainting issues.
For years doctors treated Jake for migraines, but we had a gut feeling that something else was wrong.  When Jake’s nausea became disabling and he fainted for the third time in a couple of months, we started to “push” for a diagnosis.  After the MRI, MRA, x-rays, CT scan, brain scan, EKG, and echocardiogram results all came back normal, Jake was sent for physical and occupational therapy evaluations.
During his occupational therapy evaluation, a therapist asked if he could talk to his friend, Dr. Parpala, about Jake’s condition – he believed Dr. Parpala could help.
How thankful we are that we crossed paths with the right person (miracle #1).  At Jake’s first appointment Dr. Parpala informed us that Jake’s upper cervical misalignment was severe… his x-rays looked like a mess, he weighed 13 pounds heavier on one side, his left leg was an inch short, and he already had bone degeneration and spurs.  Dr. Parpala believed that Jake’s condition started right from birth and his injuries caused further misalignment.  We asked over and over again, “why hadn’t the medical doctors realized this”?
After Jake’s very first alignment was successful (miracle #2), mom broke down and cried – for guilt that his condition was so severe and for joy that he was finally receiving a diagnosis and treatment.  Jake has received six alignment adjustments in his first seven visits. His alignment adjustments are less severe with each visit (miracle #3).
Jake’s nausea is gone (miracle #4), his back stiffness is gone (miracle #5), he has a better appetite and is able to eat in the mornings (miracle #6), his acne is clearing (miracle #7), he has had no dizziness/fainting (miracle #8), and he has had only a couple of mild headaches (miracle #9).  Jake is happy to feel healthy, committed to his recovery, and hopes to play sports again soon.
We are extremely thankful for Dr. Parpala’s NUCCA chiropractic care and will be looking for a lot more miracles to come.”
Bill and Lynn C.
Duluth, MN
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