Natural Relief of Colic with Upper Cervical Approach

Natural relief of colicNatural Relief of Colic

What is the affliction known as colic? In general, it refers to abdominal pain in newborns, especially related to gas or an intestinal obstruction that prevents the baby from having a bowel movement. Usually, the primary symptom is long periods of inconsolable crying. If you suspect that your infant is suffering from colic, how can upper cervical chiropractic help you? Read on to learn about studies, testimonials, and the science behind how upper cervical chiropractic care can provide safe, gentle relief for your little one.
According to one study, an upper cervical chiropractor was able to assist all 7 colicky babies that she treated with upper cervical chiropractic care. But to understand why this is the case, it’s important to note that all 7 babies had experienced birth injuries to the upper neck. This was the case, despite the fact that not all of the mothers reported experiencing some form of birth trauma. What does this mean?
While birth complications, such as the umbilical cord being wrapped around the baby’s neck, could easily result in an injury to the two uppermost vertebrae, nothing so noticeable has to occur for an injury to be present. Birth injuries may be far less dramatic but still have tangible results on your infant’s health. This is because the two uppermost vertebrae are right at the base of the skull. Because the brain stem controls functions all over the body, the effects can also be digestive.
One mother brought her colicky baby in for upper cervical chiropractic care. The night after the treatment, the baby experienced 3 bowel movements and began to immediately cry less. This is just one of many examples that show upper cervical chiropractic care can provide natural relief for newborns that are experiencing colic.
If your newborn is suffering from colic, you should consider consulting an upper cervical chiropractic specialist to see if it could help. This is the best way to learn if there could be an upper neck injury causing the problem. This is an especially important route to take if your baby experienced some form of birth trauma. Even if you didn’t experience any complications, but your child seems to have trouble keeping it’s head straight, there could be an upper neck injury involved. If you want natural relief for your infant’s ailments, be sure to seek upper cervical chiropractic for the health of your baby.

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