Natural Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief in Apple Valley Minnesota

Natural irritable bowel syndrome reliefIrritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder affecting anywhere from 12-30% of the US population.  The symptoms include chronic pain in the abdomen, discomfort, bloating and unhealthy bowel habits which can mean that sufferers have diarrhea or constipation or that they vacillate between those two extremes unpredictably.
As anyone with IBS or living with someone who suffers from this disorder knows, it is one of the most difficult digestive disorders to live with and the treatment generally involves medication or diet changes which have significant lifestyle impacts.  Because the traditional medical treatment for IBS is so unsatisfactory, around 50% of those diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome will seek alternative forms of treatment including herbal remedies, yoga, acupuncture and increasingly, upper cervical chiropractic care.  The benefits of alternative care are proven to be successful and fewer or no side effects as compared to the more traditional medical approach.

Natural Irritable Bowel Syndrome Approach

Upper cervical chiropractic is a specific branch of chiropractic care which was developed in the 1930’s and has been in use ever since.  It is effectively used to treat a great number of disorders and symptoms through focusing on proper alignment and posture of the neck and upper spine.  Upper cervical chiropractic techniques optimize the health and wellness of the body.
This specific form of treatment has been found to be effective for digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome.  There have been scientific studies to support this type of treatment and its efficacy, as well as a wealth of anecdotal evidence over the years to give weight to what chiropractors already know.  By resolving poor posture and spinal alignment, the symptoms of IBS and similar digestive disorders can be improved and sometimes even resolved in a gentle, natural method that is free of side effects.  This makes it the perfect solution for IBS sufferers who want to lower the dosage they need to take, or avoid harsh medications all together.

The First Step

The first step in finding out if upper cervical chiropractic might be a good alternative treatment for your irritable bowel syndrome is schedule a consultation with an upper cervical chiropractor in your area.

To find an upper cervical doctor in your area go to or if you are in the Apple Valley, Minnesota area to schedule your NUCCA consultation and evaluation, click the button below:

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