Migraines and Sleep Problems Linked According to New Research

Migraines and sleep problemsMigraines and Sleep Problems

A new study in the Journal, Headache indicates a good night’s sleep may be extra-important for people who suffer from migraines, according to a Huffington post report.
Researchers from the University of Mississippi found an association between bad quality sleep and frequency of headaches, as well as increased disability from headaches, among people who get migraines.
Researchers compared students who got migraines with those who didn’t and their sleep habits. And among those who got migraines, they took note of the frequency and severity of headaches, as well as their levels of disability during a headache.
Ultimately, 26.7 percent of the nearly 300 students had migraines. However, more people with migraines had worse sleep quality than those who don’t get migraines — 85.9 percent versus 62 percent.
Plus, among those who did get migraines, bad sleep quality was linked with frequency and disability of the headaches.
“Consistent with prior studies on chronic migraine, poor sleep quality is uniquely associated with episodic migraines,” the researchers wrote in the study.
Previously, a study that also appeared in the journal Headache suggested that good sleep habits could help decrease the number and intensity of headaches among migraineurs, WebMD reported.

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