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Meet our team at Johnson Spinal Care

Back Row: Dr. Herrboldt, Dr. Leffin, Dr. Whitney, Beth, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Norris, Dr. Wurgler
Front Row: Nikki, Lori, Lisa, Emily, Melanie

Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Kerry Johnson

As a young chiropractic student, Dr. Johnson was facing fusion surgery because of debilitating lower back pain. Out of desperation, he visited an upper cervical doctor who’s practice was nearly an hour away.

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Dr. Chad Herrboldt

Dr. Chad Herrboldt was raised in a rural South Dakota town called Scotland.  As he grew up he developed a passion for helping people.  Dr. Chad has always had a natural curiosity to try to understand how things worked and the best way to fix them.

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Dr. Matt Wurgler

Dr. Wurgler was born and raised in Minot, ND.  A North Dakota kid at heart he has made his way back down to the Twin Cities and Johnson Spinal Care Associates, P.A., the clinic where he completed his final internship in 2010.

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Dr. David-Jon Leffin

While in chiropractic school Dr. Leffin was introduced to NUCCA and that experience was life changing!

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Dr. Tad Norris

After suffering from headaches, dizziness and memory issues because of numerous concussions throughout his hockey career and finding no relief, he finally found NUCCA.

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Chris Whitney Head Shot

Dr. Christopher Whitney

Dr. Whitney is a lifelong Minnesotan, born and raised in the southern Minnesota town of Waseca.  While in school , Dr. Whitney tried many chiropractic methods to relieve both his headaches and his wife’s weekly migraines.

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