Fighting the Influence of Autism by Having a Healthy Spine

Autism, Autistic, Healthy Spine, The question is often asked when discussing autism, whether it is caused by genetics or by one’s environment. Research has revealed that both can actually play a significant role in the development of autism. In 40% of cases, it has been seen that inherited genes do play a role. However, while the fetus is developing and growing within the womb, the environment can cause the genes that program the child to become affected, triggering autism.

Autism causes children to be unable to process and understand the things around them in a proper way. The 10th-24th weeks of pregnancy seem to be vital times when the genes may be triggered and cause the problems that result in autism. Also, from newborn up to age 6, there are things that can influence the body and brain and cause autism.

If the baby in the womb is unable to process his or her environment in the correct way, it can lead to a delay of growth and not maturing at the proper pace. This can stunt social functions in the future. What may cause this to occur? One major reason is the stress that the mother of the baby is undergoing. This is often due to illness or infection that the mom has gotten. The second and third trimesters are especially vital times to the health of the baby.

A Healthy Spine Helps Deter Autism

One thing that is important to the health of baby and mom is to have a well working central nervous system and brainstem. This is achieved by seeking the care of an upper cervical chiropractor. A misalignment as small as ¼ of a millimeter can cause the brain and the body to not communicate properly. The immune system can also be compromised. If a person has had any head or neck trauma in the past, it is a good idea to come in for an upper cervical examination. Correcting that problem can lead to a happier and healthier mom and baby and may reduce the risk of autism being triggered.
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