Facts about Migraines – Pt 3

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Well, here we are at the last week of our three part series on facts about migraines. The first blog looked at how people who suffer from migraines are at a higher risk of attempting and possibly completing suicide. We also look at how taking too much medication can lead to Medication Overuse Headaches. The second blog look at the connection between migraines and lightning, which is possibly due to increased electromagnetic activity.

This week, we’ll look at a couple of other things you should know about migraines, as well as what you can do to find lasting relief from that pain. It’s easy to think there is nothing you can do, and that you will never not live with the pain. But that’s not true.

Migraine Pain Facts

Reduced Stress – We know this this is an odd one, but the truth is that a reduction in stress levels can lead to migraines. The reason is that when a person studies for finals, prepares a presentation for work, or busies themselves with something else that causes stress, there is a heightening of hormone levels. A sudden change from sadness or nervousness to happiness or relaxation causes a sudden drop in those hormone levels.

Of course, the best way to avoid migraines brought on in a sudden change in hormone level is to avoid peaks of stress. That can be done through, avoiding situations or even people that may cause stress, or using various relaxation techniques.

Head and Neck Trauma A statement in the Journal of American Medical Associated said, “Headaches are no headaches at all but really a pain in the neck.” That statement is a reference to their link to whiplash and other neck injuries. These types of injuries often cause damage to one’s upper cervical spine, which consists of the top two vertebrae in a person’s spine, which is more susceptible to injury than other parts of a person’s spine.

When the neck is damaged and the top two vertebrae in a person’s neck are out of alignment by only ¼ of a millimeter, it places pressure on the brainstem. This can cause migraines and other chronic headaches, as well as it can lead to various other problems.

Of course, most people will continue to try to get rid of their migraines by seeking out help from medical experts. Those medical experts will do for you what they’ve done before. Prescribe another pill to you, but that pill won’t get to the source of your pain.

For that, you’re going to have to focus on rebalancing the upper neck, so as to remove any pressure from the brainstem. Upper Cervical Chiropractic, which is a specific type of chiropractic that focuses on realigning the top two vertebrae in a person’s neck, allows the body to heal itself.



Seletz E. Whiplash Injuries. JAMA, 1958; 168(13): 1750-1755

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