Ear infections and Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Apple Valley, Minnesota

Ear infections and upper cervical chiropracticEar Infections and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Ear infections are very common among children. For some kids, this can be a recurring problem that eventually results in hearing loss. Medications and painful surgeries are often the treatment. Some children have tubes placed in their ears. Others receive so many antibiotics that is causes digestive issues or results in resistance or reactions to the antibiotics themselves. Can upper cervical chiropractic provide drug-free relief for children who suffer from chronic ear infections? Read on to learn more about the connection.
The fact is that the C1 and C2 vertebrae are situated right at the base of the skull where the brain stem and spinal cord come together. Because of this, a subluxation, or misalignment, of these vertebrae can result in all sorts of health problems. This is because the nervous system can’t communicate properly. Thus, the results can be a weakened immune system resulting in more frequent infections.

Upper Neck Injuries

But when it comes to ear infections, upper neck trauma can have an even more direct effect. The injury to the upper neck, perhaps caused at birth, can actually cause the Eustachian tubes to not open correctly. As a result, fluid that should naturally drain down the back of the throat is caught in the ear. The end result is frequent cases of infection.
Ultimately then, these antibiotics and surgeries may be treating what is merely a symptom of the real problem. Thus, upper cervical chiropractic may be the key to eliminating the issue all together. Upper neck injuries are surprisingly common among children. It is easy for the injuries to occur during birth, even if there was not an extreme complication such as the umbilical cord becoming wrapped around the baby’s neck. So don’t automatically dismiss the possibility of upper neck injury just because there wasn’t a complication at birth.
How many kids are receiving antibiotics on a regular basis throughout their childhood years, when all they really need is spinal realignment? Another astonishing fact is that more kids have surgery for ear infections than for any other reason besides circumcision. Surgery can be traumatic at any age and have long lasting effects on the body. Before seeking surgery, you may want to see if there is a way to achieve natural relief from your child’s ear infections. Schedule an appointment to find out if upper cervical chiropractic is the solution for your family.

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