Drug-Free Relief of Post-traumatic Headaches in Apple Valley, Minnesota

Drug-free relief of post-traumatic headache in Apple Valley, Minnesota25% Still Have Headaches 4 Years Later

Post-traumatic Headaches (PTH) occur in 90% of patients following a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), also known as a concussion.  
Over time the percentage of patients who suffer with these types of headaches decreases, however almost 25% have persistent headaches four years later.
Many patients with mild TBI appear to be fine but suffer from ongoing PTH and other post-concussion syndrome symptoms, which may be misunderstood and minimalized by medical doctors, physical therapists, employers, and family.
Post-traumatic headaches can be an extremely debilitating condition and will regularly lead to missed work days, prolonged disability, and decreased community involvement.
The medical approach to posttraumatic headaches includes anti-inflammatories, Botox injections and antidepressants. These symptomatic approaches do not address the underlying cause and due to the side effects frequently do more harm than good.

Natural Post-traumatic Headache Relief

Frequently concussions occur as a result of head or neck trauma. This type of trauma can result in brain injury, such as concussions, but it also leads to structural misalignments between the head and the neck.
These upper neck misalignments are frequently underappreciated in the medical community and as a result a person can be on medications for months, years or even decades before they find help.
Misalignments in the upper neck lead to changes in blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain. This type of dysfunction can lead to a variety of lingering symptoms following a concussion, including headaches, dizziness, concentration problems and more.
Now is the time to determine if your upper neck is misaligned and leading to your post-traumatic headache symptoms, click here for a thorough evaluation.
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