Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Children

child, depression, chronic fatigue, mood swingsAccording to the National Alliance on Mental Illness studies have shown that on any single day about 2 percent of school-aged children and about 8 percent of preteens and teens meet the criteria for major depression.  Looking in the long term, the numbers are higher—for instance, one in five teens have experienced depression at some point.


In a recent study published in the British medical Journal of the 542 children age 12 to 18 who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, 29% of them also had depression.  Many of the kids also had pain and anxiety which led to higher odds of depression.


There are many overlapping symptoms between depression and chronic fatigue, including pain, irritability, withdrawing from family, friends and activities and missed school days.


A Different Approach

Upper cervical offices have seen incredible results with adults and children who are suffering with a variety of different  physical and psychological conditions.   Depression, anxiety, mood disorders, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia have improved regularly.   All of these conditions had the same root cause.  A misalignment in the upper neck that interfered with the brain’s nerve flow to the rest of the body.


Does the research support what upper cervical chiropractors have seen in their clinics?


Here is an example of some research studies that were performed  with patients who had been diagnosed with Depression and other psychological conditions….


Fifteen patients were recruited  for this study which have a previous medical history of depression and who also have an upper neck misalignment. Precision upper cervical x-rays were taken  and upper cervical adjustments were made. The Beck Depression Inventory II (BDI-II) baseline measurement for depression was used before and after treatment. Results indicate that 11 out of 15 (~73%) patients experienced marked improvement.


Early chiropractic hospitals in Davenport, Iowa treated patients with various mental illnesses with a great  deal of success. These illnesses included severe disorders like schizophrenia and psychotic depression. Various later studies showed that upper cervical chiropractic has had success with conditions such as autism and ADD/ADHD.


Upper Cervical care has an incredible impact on both the mind and the body by removing interference to the nervous system!


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