Damage a Concussion Can Do

Concussion, Head Pain, Headache, MigraineIt is pretty common for a doctor to ask patients if they have suffered a concussion. However, many patients feel like they are over it because it happened a long time ago and fail to mention a past injury. Keep in mind, it is important to report any head trauma to your doctor. It actually can impact a number of health issues for years to come. Why is this so?

Any type of fall, accident, or blow to the head can negatively affect the surrounding tissues. Just a minor impact can cause the connective tissue of the spine to become torn. This weakens the spine and locks it into a stressful position. The neck is a particularly vulnerable area, especially the upper cervical spine consisting of the top two vertebrae of the neck. If the tissue breaks down and begins to stretch out of place, the head may move from its original position. It is something that may not even be noticed at first.

Righting Reflex and How It Works

When the head becomes off center, the body begins a process called the righting reflex. It is an automatic response to part of the body being out of alignment. The semicircular canals located in the ears is where the righting reflex begins to balance the body.

To compensate for the head being off balance, the spine must readjust itself. This affects the entire body because now the shoulders, hips, and other body parts must try to move in alignment to the new position of the head. This leads to a number of health conditions. What can be done?

A recent study of a woman that had gotten a concussion five months previously revealed that after her first visit to an upper cervical chiropractor, she saw some relief in her headaches and vertigo. As she continued to receive treatment, all of her symptoms went away. How is this possible?

When trauma happens to the upper cervical spine, it only takes a misalignment of ¼ of a millimeter to affect the above-mentioned body processes. At Johnson Spinal Care, we are specially trained to find these misalignments and, using the NUCCA technique, we can get things back in order. Once the head is rebalanced over the body properly, healing can begin. Some patients have seen a total remission of any symptoms left behind because of a concussion.


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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care of a Patient with Post Concussion Syndrome, Positional Vertigo and Headaches

Alisha Mayheu DC & Matthew Sweat DC

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