Chronic fatigue and sinus problems: What’s the connection?

Chronic Fatigue, Sinus Problems, Chronic Pain,An Unexpected Connection

A study suggests that sinus problems can be associated with unexplained fatigue and bodily pain. Chronic fatigue syndrome is difficult to both diagnose and treat. However, doctors at Georgetown University Medical Center have discovered an unexpected connection with sinus symptoms and chronic pain.

They questioned 297 patients and noted unexplained fatigue in 22 per cent and chronic pain in 11 per cent. Nine percent of patients had both problems

A Common Underlying Condition

The same underlying problem may be the root cause of all 3 conditions.  A misalignment in the upper neck can lead to sinus issues, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.


When someone has accidents and injuries that have torn loose the connective tissue  that holds the spine in place it will allow the spine to breakdown and lock into a stressed position.   The area of the spine that is most frequently  affected is the upper neck area because it is the most movable and the most  vulnerable to injury.    Once this upper neck area is misaligned  it will begin to affect the function of  the brain stem.   This undetected brainstem injury can lead to a variety of problems including  dysfunction with the release of  cortisol.


Dr. Marshall Dickholtz  Sr., an Upper Cervical doctor from Chicago, along with a medical doctor and a psychiatrist did some very interesting research several years looking at the connection between the upper neck and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   Here’s what the found when they compared quality of life measurements using a survey called the SF-36  six months after the initial correction to normal subjects:


  • Physical Functioning increased from 58% to 85%!
  • General Health improved from 35% to 55%
  • Vitality improved from 17% to 55%
  • Social Functioning increased from 40% to 70%
  • Mental Health improved from 50% to 70%


In addition both the quality and quantity  of sleep improved based on all testing and there was significant decrease in sleep medication usage.   And maybe most remarkable all subjects in the study found a normalization of cortisol levels in the morning and evening readings at 6 months into care!



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