Seizure, Epilepsy Natural Relief

Seizures are a challenging health condition for many people, if they happen repeatedly it is often diagnosed as Epilepsy. Seizures can come in several forms: Grand Mal: Unconsciousness, convulsions, muscle rigidity Absence: Brief loss of consciousness Myoclonic: Sporadic (isolated), jerking movements Clonic: Repetitive, jerking movements Tonic: muscle stiffness, rigidity Atonic: Loss of muscle tone The [...]

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Can Migraines Cause Seizures?

Migraines and Seizures The term migralepsy describes an extremely rare health condition in which a person has a seizure not long after having a migraine headache. Because migraine headaches and seizures are both neurological conditions, many symptoms, triggers, and treatments overlap. Thus, the question of whether or not the migraines may cause the seizures that [...]

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Kids with Seizures and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Seizures Epilepsy or Seizures are a problem for many Americans. Frequently a person will be prescribed medications to cover up the affects of the seizures. Many people do not want to just cover up the symptoms but try to find the underlying cause of the seizures and eliminate it. Seizure medications have serious side effects [...]

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