5 Habits That Are Making You Tired

5 habits that are making you tiredRecently, the Huffington post had an article regarding some common habits that are likely making you tired. Let’s take a look at some of them and one that they missed.

Breakfast Without Carbs

It’s a myth that if you eat carbohydrates it can zap your energy later on. In reality, your body needs carbs to produce fuel.
A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that low-carb dieters experienced greater fatigue and reluctance to exercise than dieters who ate more carbohydrates. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found similar results. The key here is the kind of carbs you’re eating. Sugary cereals and white toast are not good for you. Natural, unprocessed carbs (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are your best sources). And if you don’t get them, your brain will steal energy that is stored in your muscles. Over time, this causes a loss in muscle mass and a slower metabolism. You’ll feel slower altogether.

Prescription Medication

According to nutritionist Julie Hammerstein “Prescription medicine certainly have its place, but medication can stress the liver, which is what frees the body of toxins.” And if the liver is fatigued, so is the body. Talk to your doctor about whether this is a concern, and make sure you’re taking only medication that is essential.


Piles of stuff everywhere? Papers covering your desk? This clutter could be zapping your energy. When clutter is around it can make your brain feel overwhelmed and unable to focus, according to research from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, and that can make you fatigued. Best solution: clean up a small area that’s cluttered and see how it changes your mood and energy level. Once you see the amazing effects a little order can have, you can get going on the rest of the mess!

Using the Computer

If you’re someone who can sit in front of a computer screen for hours and surf the Web, it could be making you tired. Prolonged use of the computer can cause Computer Vision Syndrome, according to the American Optometric Association. Symptoms can include fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches. How to solve the problem? Experts suggest that for every 20 minutes of computer reading you do, look away for 20 seconds and focus on an object 20 feet away. That should reduce your eye strain. You should also make sure your computer is at the right level for your eyes.

Not Having Your Head on Straight

A history of head or neck injuries can lead to a misalignment in the upper neck where the brain and spinal cord come together. These upper neck misalignments will result in a variety of different problems that can zap your energy. With 62% of American adults experiencing problems sleeping a few nights a week, Americans desperately need to sleep better. Upper cervical Chiropractic has been shown to improve sleep, both in children and adults.
In addition, when someone is under upper cervical chiropractic care for a while they begin to notice some of the positive side benefits of chiropractic, including more energy and less fatigue.
If you do a Google search to see all the chiropractic patients who have provided testimonials indicating that they have more energy now you will be overwhelmed.
Changing your habits can change your life. You can take positive steps to improve your health and well-being today!
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